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Scene Stealer Users Reports
NEW You Can Lead a Producer to Water, by Bill Johnson, Supervisor, Video Services Section, Metro-Dade Police Dept., Miami, FL  Logging Alaska Video - The Grizzlies Aren't the Only Challenge! by Harry Phenice, Toklat Video, Soldatna, AK From Imperfect Quotes to Trying-To- Be-Perfect Video by Scott Dickson, KOKA Productions, Houston, TX Documentary: Artists At Work by Bill Howze, Houston, TX From Interview to Transcript by Dan Wagner, Media Logic, San Diego, CA Profile: Interactive Video in Savannah by Murray Wilson, Technical Production Services, Savannah, GA.

Dubner International, Inc.

brings you video scene detection products for production, broadcast, and corporate video operations.

Scene Stealer News

Stealer-in-Color is the frame grabber that adds color capability to your Scene Stealer system. You get automatic scene detection plus the ability to grab color or monochrome video on your desktop PC. It's your choice on a project- by-project basis. See Scene Stealer Color Capture for computer specifications.

Video Scene Detection for Production and Video Library Management

Scene Stealer - the automatic scene detector and videologger.

Scene Stealer automates video logging and audio transcription. No more searching for clips, scribbling notes, jumping from cassette-to-computer-to-monitor; no more tedious hours of logging; no more expensive hours wasted in an edit suite!

Log video tape automatically, accurately, affordably!

Video Scene Detection for Cable and Broadcast Signal Monitoring and Response

VideoALERT - signal monitor and response system.

This engineer's tool uses scene detection technology in conjunction with an audio board to monitor sync, video and audio signal levels. If sync is lost, or if the signal goes black or silent, VideoALERT displays warning graphics, triggers an alarm, dials, a beeper, and logs the event.

Cut trouble shooting time and cost with VideoALERT's advanced video monitoring system in your desktop PC.

Video Scene Detection for MPEG Development and 3:2 pull-down cadence detection

CADET II - field accurate scene detection for MPEG encoding and video-on-demand applications.

CADET II offers field accurate 3:2 pull-down phase cadence detection for tape-to-film transfers and MPEG product development.

OEM inquiries are welcome.

DUBNER Engineering Services - You know us as the broadcast engineers who won two Emmy awards for Engineering Excellence. Products are nice, but it is those special projects that we really love. From closed-captioning, to field logging, to game show software development, we've engineered solutions for special applications. If you've got a problem -- or a vision -- give us a call.

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