Abandon all sense of historical proportion, ye who enter here.


April 9, 2018


My name is Bob Dubner


The purpose of this particular web site is to make available my latest attempt to make accessing the http://dev.avsig.com web site as quick and breezy as forums were, back in the day on Compuserve, when off-line programs like TapCIS ruled the forest.


My TapSIG program is nowhere near as feature-rich as TapCIS was.  But it'll get the basic job done.


Download the latest version (Version 1.1) here. (Windows XP users should download this one.) Your anti-virus program will have a serious fit when you ignore its complaints that nobody on the planet has ever seen this file.  My guess is that there might be some danger that your anti-virus program will quarantine it without even telling you it's doing so; we'll burn those bridges when we come to them.


There will be bugs and problems.  Caveat early adapter.  Let me know of your problems and suggestions and demands.


Just create a folder someplace on your Windows computer -- no, there isn't a Mac, or Linux, or Android, or iOS version.  Open the .ZIP file and copy the four files into your new folder.


My advice is to create a shortcut to tapsig.exe and move that to your desktop, or something like that.


When you run it for the first time, it'll ask for your AVSIG username and password.  Once you pass those along, press the Fetch New Messages button, or Ctrl+N on the keyboard.  Downloading the whole forum will take a few minutes or a lot of minutes depending on your download speed.


Then start playing.


You can find instructions here.