Welcome to TapSIG

This is the User Guide, 2018-03-28

The All view shows you all of the messages.
The Unread view shows you messages you've never previously seen.
The New view shows you messages new since the prior download.

Clicking the upper left corner icon (or Alt+Spacebar) brings up the system menu.

The Fetch New button (or Ctrl+N) downloads new messages from the forum.

Message Navigation: 

In general, adding the Shift key reverses navigation that would otherwise go forward.

In general, adding the Control key causes 'absolute' navigation; if necessary, it will take you out of the current view into the *OutView*.

Forward one message: The Plus key, the Enter key, the Spacebar.  (Adding Shift takes you backwards; adding Ctrl makes it absolute.)

Backward one message: The Minus key, the 'Z' key.  (Adding Ctrl makes it absolute.)

Skip a topic forward: The 'X' key, or the Skip_Topic button.  (Adding Ctrl makes it absolute.)

Skip a topic backward: Shift+X, or Shift+Skip_Topic button.  (Adding Ctrl makes it absolute.)

For example, if you want to review a topic from the beginning, change the view to All and press Shift+X to take you from the current message to the first message in the topic.

Skip a section forward: The 'S' key, or the Skip_Subject button. (Adding Ctrl makes it absolute.)

Skip a section forward: Shift+S,  or Shift+Skip_Subject button. (Adding Ctrl makes it absolute.)

Message history: The '[' key takes you backward through the messages you've seen.  The ']' takes you forward through that same history.

Other features:

Find: Ctrl+F invokes a simple case-insensitive text finder.

Show message in avsig.com: Ctrl+G takes you to the message in the internet forum.